Healthy Real Salt

Real Salt is mined from an ancient sea bed 5000 feet underground in Redmond, Utah.

Why Real Salt?

The salt is loaded with 60 natural trace minerals. It comes on the market unprocessed except for the sizing of the grains. It is a sharp contrast to the salt that we are accustomed to that has been processed with anti-caking agents, bleaching, and refining. It has a slight pinkish cast, the mineral elements have a tan hue, and it has a slightly sweet taste.

Alkaline Diet for Health

The balance of natural sodium in this healthy salt product, along with the elements such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, is in tune with the body's chemistry. This eliminates some problems associated with heavy intake of refined salts. Many individuals with high blood pressure and fluid retention have found that it does not promote these conditions.

Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD., a microbiologist that promotes an alkaline diet for health, claims that this is the only salt that contributes to alkalizing the body. It is very unique.

Health food stores and some supermarkets carry this product. It is available in different granular sizes that include:

  • coarse
  • granular/fine
  • Kosher
  • powder
  • season salt

So much of the mineral content of the soils have been depleted over the years because of mass farming techniques. This salt made for you eons ago will furnish some of the trace minerals that we miss today, and it is a wonderful addition to your pantry.

Two Other Salt Products

  • Himalayan salt which is mined from a deep lake deposit, is also healthy be very expensive.
  • Sea salts are produced today by the process of evaporation of sea water as it has been done for centuries.

In my opinion, Real Salt, which is the product we use, and Himalayan salt are superior to sea salts since they do not have possible chemical contaminants found in the oceans and seas today.

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