Naturally Improve Eyesight

As we age, we begin to see changes in our ability to see things. It is possible to naturally improve eyesight by changing your lifestyle to include a healthy, nutrient dense diet.

Barbara and I have been blessed with good vision late in life. I just renewed my driver's license at age 82 without any restrictions. After age 80 in Florida, you have to have your eyes tested by an eye care professional. I was amazed to learn that 25% of individuals over the age of 50 will begin to lose their eyesight from various causes, but most will be the victims of Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Early Signs of AMD

Blurred vision in the central part of the eye may be an early sign of AMD. This center may become fuzzy or shadowy and grows larger as the disease develops. There is usually more difficulty in seeing fine detain and color. Side vision is not usually affected.

Including the above signs, with Wet AMD you may find straight lines will waver. This condition is usually very severe and can occur rapidly. Some of the other signs of age related AMD are:

  • Contrast in seeing subtle differences between textures or colors.
  • Higher light levels are necessary for all activities.
  • Visual field distortion will have a blurred center vision making real problems with driving, reading, and etcetera. 
  • Changing light levels that your eyes cannot adjust to quickly.
  • Depth perception is altered that makes it difficult to walk and move around without a danger of falling.

Sometimes macular degeneration symptoms in age related vision loss can be remedied, if it involves central vision impairment.

Barbara was able to naturally improve eyesight!

In "Our Story About Healthy Eating" section of this website, my testimony includes this statement:

"The glasses that I have worn for reading music (I am now retired, but was a church organist and pianist for 20 plus years) are no longer needed because my vision has greatly improved."

When Hal and I decided to change to a very healthy plant based diet in 1999, which included a lot of juicing, I was 60 years old. To this day (I am now 78) I still do not have to wear glasses to read music or books.

I am sure that the beta-carotene in the carrot juice along with the BarleyLife has had a great effect on this miraculous change in my eyesight over the years.

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