Dried Fruit Nutrition

Just as you would suspect, dried fruit nutrition is not as good a fresh fruit. The main idea to remember is that dried fruit will still give you abundant antioxidants and fiber.

The dehydration process reduces the amount of vitamins and minerals. If you can find freeze dried fruit, the loss of nutrients is less. 

There are home freeze dryers that can preserve most any food including ice cream for 20 years. The units are expensive, but you would be able to have great (almost) fresh food in emergencies, or just be able to save money when you have your own garden or buy in bulk in season.

Comparing Dried Fruit Nutrition with Raw Fruit

A good rule of thumb to remember is that 2 cups of fresh fruit is equal to 1 cup of dried fruit. The heat drying process removes the water and concentrates the remaining nutrients. Dehydrating also reduces some of the vitamin and mineral potency. For example, from the USDA database, we can find some of the nutrition values of bananas, both raw and dried per cup (225g):




168.5 g

3.0 g


200 kcal 

346 kcal


2.45 g

3.89 g


51.39 g

88.28 g


5.8 g

9.9 g


27.52 g

47.30 g


11 g

22 g


61 g

108 g

Vitamin C

19.6 mg

7.0 mg


1.496 mg

2.80 mg


Cinnamon Carrot Muffins - loaded with dried fruits, seeds and nuts.

It is obvious it would be best to eat raw fruit and get the highest values of all the nutrients. However, when fresh is not available, dried fruit can be a wonderful supplier of most of the same benefits as fresh. You just don't need as much dried fruit by weight and volume to satisfy your basic needs. 

Barbara and I always have dried apricots, prunes, dates and raisins available for a snack. They also add flavor and texture to your morning oatmeal and cereal. Plus, you can eat dried fruit in one of Barbara's healthy muffin recipes. These recipes make a lot of muffins...they are high in fiber and low in fat...so enjoy!

The amount of fruit that you need each day according to the USDA MY Plate can vary according to age and sex. Men should get 2 cups per day while women will need 1 1/2 - 2 cups per day depending on age. If you are trying to lose weight, it is best to stay with fresh fruit since you will consume more water and less calories.

While traveling, fishing or just looking for a satisfying snack, keep a convenient supply of dried fruit on hand. Dried fruit nutrition is always healthier than munching on a candy bar or other processed food. 

Nutrient packed fruits will become a star ingredient in your quest for good health!

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