Choose Healthy Eating - Choose A Better Life!

Healthy eating can save you from pills and procedures to regain your health. If you are already healthy you can maintain incredible health for life.

Food For Health

Some 2400 years ago Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, stated "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food".

Today the use of prescription drugs and medical procedures that only manage symptoms is favored over healing with food. Chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and chronic pain (to name a few) are on the rise and no cures are in sight. The focus for these diseases should be shifting away from pills and procedures that treat symptoms to the healing power of foods, except, there is no money in prescribing carrots!

The World's Diets

When you examine the history of whole food plant based diets it is easy to see that most cultures today and throughout time have sustained themselves with plants, grains, seeds, roots and fruit. Even today animal products when available make up a small portion of the daily calorie intake in most of the world. If you are eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) you are probably on a collision course with chronic diseases in the latter part of your life. Americans eat excessive amounts of the richest diet known to mankind which is mainly animal protein, fat, dairy, processed foods and refined sugar.

White Bean Soup
Picnic in the Courtyard
Stuffed Baked Potato
Lemon Pudding with Peach Topping

Why Do You Need A Healthy Eating Plan and Lifestyle?

A healthy eating plan and lifestyle is going to be the best life and health insurance you can have. You can have incredible health when you understand why and how eating healthy can change your life.

A healthy diet is probably going to cause...

  • you to lose excess weight
  • your blood pressure and cholesterol to go down
  • you will feel better
  • you will look better
  • you will have more energy
  • your cells will be happy
  • your immune system will get stronger
  • you will eliminate most or all of your medications
  • your God given healing process will have the ability to reverse sickness
Many different flavors in this plant based meal.

Even if you do not go completely on a plant based diet, small changes can bring positive results. When you eliminate most of the foods that are making you sick and replace them with the right fuel, live nutrient-dense foods along with fresh juices, you will begin to see a healthier diet making positive changes in your life.

There is time to learn and plan to make the healthy choices for you and your family...for now and the future, and we are here to help you make your plans. Please join us in exploring the information we have found to share with you. We changed our diet in 1999 and we know that healthy eating works!

On This Site You Will Find...

  • diets that work for the long term
  • wonderful ideas and recipes for preparing healthy food
  • the science behind proper fueling of the body
  • healthy living tips
  • juicing for health to maintain your body and healthy lifestyle
  • why the Standard American Diet causes most of our health problems
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Our Story

Learn about our journey from sickness to health through healthy eating - no surgery, radiation or chemo - and why we are passionate about sharing it and helping you improve your health and your life!