Our Story About Healthy Eating

We are Hal and Barbara Reid. We live in beautiful central Florida, USA.

Healthy eating, I thought, was how I fed my family. We ate mostly chicken and fish, low fat dairy, some beans and rice, pizza, pasta, vegetables, fruits and an occasional dessert. When my husband, Hal, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1999, our lives were forever changed.

In response to the news of his cancer, Hal decided that surgery, radiation and chemotherapy were not an option for him, and he went in search of the possibility of healing with nutrition. This path led him to very healthy eating which was the answer to prayer and to his recovery from cancer.

Hal made a decision to follow the Hallelujah diet which is all about healing cancer naturally.

In our 80's, we are still able to get around and have fun. It pays to eat healthy!

If it is good for him, it will be good for me!

As a result of Hal's decision, I changed my diet too! The Hallelujah diet was so successful that we both decided to become health ministers with Hallelujah Acres.

What is truly amazing is the fact that when I followed this new path to eating plant based nutrition, all my arthritis pains that I  had for 20 some odd years completely vanished.  The glasses that I have worn for reading music (I am now retired, but was a church organist and pianist for 20 plus years) are no longer needed because my vision has greatly improved.

With the proper nutrition, my self healing body was able get rid of these health problems that I had for years. Wow, all I can say is thank you Lord for this wonderful unexpected gift!

Your local farmer's market is a good place to shop.

Study and Research

Since 1999, Hal has spent many hours researching and studying the healing power of food.

We are now completely convinced that using food as medicine is the safest way to regain one's own health.

Hal has received certification in nutrition from Cornell University. The course is designed by Dr. T Colin Campbell, the author of The China Study which is the most comprehensive study ever done of man and his diet. The China Study is the science of healthy eating. It has been called "the grand prix" of studies of man and his food by the New York Times.

Healthy Eating May Not Include Old Family Recipes

During the years since the cancer diagnosis, I have spent hours researching and developing new recipes to replace the ones that were not so healthy. We have made a big move to a plant based diet which is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

The biggest challenge in this diet change was to make the food very tasty and satisfying. However, most of the recipes and meals are not complicated, but are recipes that are simple, healthy and tasty ways to change or replace the old ones.

It is so nice to be in our old age and still able to enjoy our family.Our Family On Vacation, 2012

We have four grown children, and three grandsons. Two of our children have become professional chefs and the other two are great cooks in their own right. The youngest of the grandsons, age 8, has already shown great interest in food preparation. Do you see a trend here?

So together Hal and I took a leap of faith. We began this journey to find the answer to recovering from cancer and how to free ourselves from the downward spiral of declining health that causes so many people to lose the all important qualities that make life worth living.

The following link is to an article about us written in the Ocala Style Magazine, January, 2012 issue.

There is Nothing Like Good Health!

In 2009, we decided it was time to spread the word among our friends, neighbors and business associates about healthy eating and the healing power of food. We began holding classes in our home to share the information we have found on reversing most chronic diseases and how to stay healthy.

During our health meetings, it was important to show people the daily routines for eating healthy.Salad Spinner Demonstration

This information that we offer in our classes centers around the concept of using food as medicine along with the healthy cell concept that leads to a strong immune system.

What a thrill it has been to see what happens to people when they decide to take charge of their health and make the change to healthy eating. They are so amazed at the God given power of their wonderful self healing body when they put the right fuel in it.

We have even seen that small diet changes can lead to greatly improved health.

Sharing the Message Far and Wide

Because of the success of the participants in our classes, we feel it is time to share the message far and wide to those who are looking for good health and quality of life. There is a food revolution starting in America that is going to change the way we view our lives and the choices we have to stay well.

We welcome you to be a part of this healthy eating transformation and hope you also decide to take charge of your own health.                                                          

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