Healthy Juice For Life!

Healthy juice is a very powerful food. It is so important in improving as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In 1999, I rejected medical treatment for my cancer. This is when I decided to change my lifestyle to a whole food plant based diet that included large amounts of healthy juice. It made good sense to me after educating myself on the benefits of this lifestyle. I wanted my cancer cured and not just treated. So I chose food instead of relying on those who practice modern medicine.

From Sickness to Health

Today green products are mostly absent from family meals.Human beings and animals are all dependent on green plants.

Since changing my diet, I have been studying plant-based nutrition and plant foods ever since adopting this new lifestyle. As a result, I have been able to sustain and enjoy good health.

Good health, to me, is taking no medications at all...and, I'm not sure my recovery from cancer would have even been possible without the inclusion of the green barley juice powder. Barbara and I take this healthy green food every day along with other juices that I make five days of the week. We would not be without this wonderful life sustaining food.

The reason that "GREEN" is so important

Green grasses and phytoplankton in the seas are the basis of all life on Planet Earth. Without their presence there would be no life! The action of sunlight on the green plants combined with carbon dioxide and water produces life sustaining foods as well as producing life giving oxygen as a by-product of photosynthesis.

The largest animals that still roam the elephants, rhinos, giraffes, gorillas, and even the whales and sharks that swim in the seas are all dependent on green plant forms. These huge animals get all of their growth directly or indirectly from the protein, carbohydrates and fats that are present in the green plants.

Even the carnivores on both land and sea are sustained by animals and sea creatures that consume green plants. Without plant eating animals, carnivores would cease to exist. 

All life is sustained by green plants.

Miss Kitty

Animals eat grass when they feel sick.It was the green barley grass powder that made Miss Kitty well.

We have a cat who has been with us for about 14 years. She found us when she was 2 or 3 years old. Someone discarded her in our neighborhood, and she decided that we would be her new home. She is still quite wild after all these years, however she will come in the house for awhile to visit with us.

About 4 years ago, she stopped appearing at our back door for her food. We finally found her dirty and flea infested lying in the backyard. She looked terrible and we thought she was dying. The thought occurred to take her to the vet, however, it is very difficult to impossible to pick her up. So we didn't do this.

Remembering that dogs eat grass when they are sick, we thought if we could get Miss Kitty to eat some barley grass powder that she might start feeling better. So, we bought some pill pockets for cats. We prepared one by stuffing it with green barley, and coaxed her to eat this. She did. The next day we did the same thing. Miss Kitty started to eat some of her food, and in about 5 days, she had cleaned herself up, and has been well ever since.

Mom said, "Eat Your Vegetables!"

This was good advise and still is. Salads and vegetables were the major part of the dinner plate during most of the 1900's. 

Today green products are mostly absent from family meals. We consume processed foods that are mostly food-like things that are calorie dense instead of nutrient dense.  Manufactured foods are also devoid of most of the essential life giving elements and filled with elements that are toxic to your body.

Healthy Juice Includes Barley Grass Powder

The USDA recommends you eat 9 servings of vegetables and fruit per day.

This wonderful green powder is a super alkaline food. The answer to our health Kermit the frog says, It's good to be green! 

When we learned that DISEASE LOVES AN ACID BODY, we realized that we needed help in maintaining an alkaline balance. It is so important to maintain a diet of enough vegetables and fruits, especially green vegetables. By taking a green healthy juice daily, for us, was the way to go.

In our search for the best green barley juice product, we finally decided on BarleyLife.  In our opinion, it is the purest, cleanest, beyond organic, and the most potent green product we could find. This healthy juice product is made up of young green field grown barley grass that is harvested just before producing seeds, and is the most nutrient dense of the basic green grasses.  Since 1999, we have enjoyed health and energy that we never experienced in our younger years. 

Why is this healthy juice superior?

The AIM Company harvests the young green barley plant in the cool of the night and it is immediately juiced. The live healthy juice is finally process without any fiber remaining. The water is removed by a proprietary cold process that preserves the enzymes in the rich green powder. This is the uniqueness of BarleyLife.

Enzymes are the protein structures that make things happen in an organized and controlled manner. When you add liquid to prepare to drink the juice, the enzymes are there just like fresh juice.

Don't be fooled by most green powders in the market today. They are less costly since they are heat processed. This eliminates the health giving enzymes when exposed to the high heat dehydrating processes. Many producers also include the milled dried green leaves ground up to produce an inferior green powder.

BarleyLife powder and other live juices that are enzyme rich will play a major role in creating excellent health for us all. This healthy juice powder is nutrition that works! We are making it available on our website because we know this stuff is really the best.

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