Alternative Prostate Cancer Treatments

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer (PC), have you considered alternative prostate cancer treatments?

Most patients will choose the standard medical route similar to the photo above. There are other treatments that you should consider before offering yourself to the scalpel or other medical establishment ideas.

In 1999, I was diagnosed with PC. At the time, I chose the radioactive seed implant program to kill the cancer since I did not know about alternative prostate cancer treatments. After being told that the odds for bladder and colon damage were high, I opted out of the program and followed a whole food plant-based diet, better known as the "Hallelujah Diet".

Believe me, when the words "you have cancer" hits your brain, your whole life changes instantly.

The medics know that during this emotional time most any treatment that they suggest will be followed. Friends and family will think you are crazy if you don't follow the doctor's recommendation. It's not easy to go the alternate route. I am going to suggest a few ideas that you should consider and study.

I have found that to find a new idea that will become part of your life, you must educate yourself and come to believe that it is true. If you are not a believer, then it probably will not work and you will soon drop the idea.

This is also part of the "placebo effect". The mind is amazing and powerful. If you are able to reprogram your thinking and follow this new lifestyle plan, wonders will never cease!

Study List for Alternative Prostate Cancer Treatments

1.  The most important scientific study ever undertaken on the relationship between diet and disease is T. Colin Campbell's book, "The China Study". This book will certainly educate you in the basic risk of developing diseases when you follow the Standard American Diet and lifestyle. You should also look at our page that reviews the China Study

2.  A video that you must see is the documentary "Forks Over Knives". It's available on Netflix or you can order the DVD on Amazon. Real people, including the unsuspecting producer, document their healing journey when they follow the new found healthy lifestyle. 

3.  I also think that you should look at the Hallelujah Diet plan and other plans on our website. Reviewing them will give you a better idea of day to day changes that should be made. 

The various plans are all plant-based diets and they each vary in a small way. If you decide to change your lifestyle, you must strictly follow the recovery diet, especially the Hallelujah Diet that is more cancer oriented. Review the diets.

Prostate Cancer Treatments Beyond the Diet

1.  Protocel

This product was invented many years ago by a bio-chemist named Jim Sheridan. He found that cancer exists in the body at a lower voltage than healthy cells. Sheridan's non-toxic liquid lowers the overall voltage of the body and lets the cancer cells die. Healthy cells can stand the lower voltage without any harm, cancer cells cannot. 

Protocel is very inexpensive and is not a prescription drug. I have witnessed wonderful results with individuals, which I know personally, that have used Protocel. You can read more on our web page. Review Protocel.

2.  Rigvir

Rigvir is a good human virus that is helpful in destroying cancer cells. It is injected into the blood stream where it is captured by the cancer cells. The virus then begins to replicate itself until the cancer cell explodes and ceases to be. This good virus was isolated by researchers and doctors in Riga, Latvia. 

I learned of this fantastic product in Ty Bollinger's "A Global Quest". It requires a prescription and, or course, it would not be available in the USA since it might cure cancers and upset the non-cure cancer industry. More information

3.  The Healing Light

The power within us is revealed in the small book by Agnes Sanford titled "The Healing Light". If you are a Christian, or even something else, the life of this amazing woman will give you hope for healing with the power of Christ that is within believers. 

Examine your life within the last 10 to 12 years to find the traumatic events that may have initiated a change in your health. Cancer does not start overnight. It was initiated probably many years ago for some reason. Sweep it out and start anew.

4.  Mind Over Medicine 

One other book by Lissa Rankin, MD titled "Mind Over Medicine" is a fascinating story of this doctor's search for true healing for her patients and herself. I don't agree with her acceptance of some of the mysticism of the Far East, but it is a current treatise on the medical approach that Agnes Sanford so beautifully expresses. Here, again, is the importance of correcting your thinking.

5.  The Truth About Cancer

The last item that I strongly recommend is Ty Bollinger's series called "The Truth About Cancer". The series is 9 episodes with 131 of the top experts in the world that have effective ways to deal with cancer. The interviews with healers are the best that I have ever seen. You will also hear about Rigvir in an episode 3. If you are serious about your cancer, I suggest that you review "The Truth About Cancer". To sign up for a free viewing, click here.


I hope this discussion has been helpful to you in deciding to seek alternative prostate cancer treatments. There are many health care professional around the world that continue to cure cancers outside of the barbaric protocols of so called modern medicine. 

Remember that most prostate cancers are slow growing and you have plenty of time to do research and decide a course of action that fits you. Family, friends and a strong faith can be just as important as your chosen protocol for healing the body. It probably is the most important facet of your healing journey. 

Be grateful for your gift of life and sing a happy song each day. You can do it!

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