Food As Medicine is the Key to Good Health

In 1999, I stumbled on the shocking revelation that food as medicine is the key to recovering from chronic disease such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and cancer...just to name a few.

At this time, I had just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. After meeting with a couple of doctors about my cancer, I decided I wanted to avoid any kind of cancer prostate procedure performed by the medical world.

Hippocrates (460 - 370 B.C.), the father of modern medicine said it all:

When you look back at the 4th century B.C. and find the basic knowledge that was evident then, it makes you wonder why today we think we know so much. Why didn't I have this had been around for 2,400 years and modern medicine hadn't figured this into the equation yet.

A healthy and flavorful plate of vegetables you will love to eat.Lots of different flavors on the plate.
This salad "to go"lunch includes lots of different textures and tastes including garbanzo beans. After this meal, you won't be hungry.Chef Debbie's healthy salad "to go"!

Sick Care Vs. Healthcare

Today, our current system is not healthcare. If it was, we would all be much healthier than we are. We have the most expensive healthcare system in the world, however, the U.S. ranks last among the 11 countries, with the U.K. and Sweden ranking first and second, respectively. Do we really have the best healthcare system?

No...we have a sick care system! The money is in sickness, not wellness.

There is simply no money in doctors advising their clients to use food as medicine and to eat a healthy diet in lieu of pills and procedures. We would rather take a pill than make a change in how we fuel our bodies.

The individuals that have attended our health classes for the last 8 years are amazed that I recovered from cancer without surgery, and without radiation or chemotherapy. Instead I learned how simply eating the proper food could create a healthy body. Yes, food as medicine is a reality!

Misinformation About Food and Diet

The public is bombarded constantly with reports of new "scientific" studies that promote good health by following a particular diet or supplement.  A short time later another "scientific" study claims that the previous study is completely wrong. What are we to believe? This competition keeps the public confused.

It is important to look to see who paid for a study to see where, if any, the bias has come from. Big agriculture and food businesses, related government agencies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, the healthcare industry and health insurance companies will always protect their positions from attack by other interest. You can't blame them for preserving their interest.

So it is our job to see through the smoke and mirrors to find the truth as best we can.

Comparison of Plant and Animal Foods

Whole Plant Foods

The local farmer's market is a great place to get your weekly supply of whole plant foods.
  • Foods with fiber
  • Natural antioxidants
  • Misc. cancer fighters
  • Low fat
  • No cholesterol
  • Low protein
  • Low toxins
  • No hormones

Animal and Refined Foods

Animal products and refined foods are sure to give you an acid body condition if this is mainly what you eat.
  • No fiber foods
  • No natural antioxidants
  • No cancer fighters
  • High fat
  • High cholesterol
  • High protein
  • High toxins
  • High hormones


Food As Medicine - Key To Good Health

the history of past civilizations show us that a plant based diet is the best for recovering from sickness as well as maintaining good health.Foods needed to build the immune system.

We have known from the current state of health of the world and the history of past civilizations that a plant based diet is the best for recovering from sickness as well as maintaining good health.

Recovering from sickness and maintaining good health comes directly from food as medicine to boost the immune system. Eating a diet rich in alkaline foods, which are those from plants...such as vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds and nuts, is what will give you a strong immune system.  By developing a strong immune system your body can heal itself and remain healthy in a natural way.

The Roman legion's primary food was grain that maintained their strength and endurance. Daniel in the old testament was a perfect example of excellent health achieved by eating plants as compared to the health problems created by eating at the king's table. There is no doubt that food and health go hand in hand.

Become the Expert!

Take charge of your life. Once you find the truth in consuming a predominantly plant based diet with lots of alkaline foods, it doesn't really matter what the experts come up with.

Please consider using your food as medicine which has the power to heal your body from chronic diseases. You will then know that good medicine for you can be as simple as what you put on your dinner plate.

More About The Power of Food

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  • Green Tea Nutrition - It has been used medicinally for its antioxidant qualities and blood pressure control for hundreds of years.
  • Food With Antioxidants - To maintain good health, plan to eat some food with antioxidants at every meal.
  • Natural Remedies for Arthritis - include identifying and eliminating foods that are causing the problem.
  • Macular Degeneration Symptoms - can be blurred vision, straight lines will waver, depth perception is altered - just to name a few.