Our Search Led Us to the Best Water Purifier

The best water purifier you will ever find will be able to remove chemicals, viruses, heavy metals, toxins and pharmaceuticals from municipal water systems and wells.

Why you need a water purifier instead of a filter.

Looking for a water filter? One of the major search criteria should be a filter that would take out fluoride. This search would lead directly to the Berkey water filter.The cost of pure water with a Berkey is less than 2 cents a gallon!

If you are using water from a municipal water system, you are ingesting chlorine and probably fluoride. These two factors alone are detrimental to your health.  There are many other substances that should be eliminated from the water that you drink.  Even with bottled water you do not know what the water quality is.  A home water purifier system is a necessity.

There are many filter systems in the marketplace today that can help you reduce the exposure to drinking water hazards.  Not all filters are purifiers.  In our search for the best water purifier, it became obvious that finding the filter that purified the water was the way to go.

Filters vs. Purifiers

The following are some of the factors that influenced our search for the best water purifier.

  • A cleanable water filter lasts 10 times longer than ordinary filters that you discard.
  • Some purifiers are so powerful that they even remove viruses.  This ability to filter viruses qualifies a filter as a water purifier.
  • With a purifier you get a quality filter that surpasses standards for filtering out pathogenic bacteria and viruses listed in The Water and Purification Standard used by the military.
  • It is important that a filter removes harmful chemicals from a municipal water supply and especially the toxic chemical, fluoride.
  • If you happen to lose utilities for an extended time, you also need to have an emergency water filter without worrying about contamination.
  • Very necessary: a water purifying system that relies on gravity to produce pure water from most water sources such as city potable systems, lakes and rivers.
  • The filtering system must be portable and easy to maintain.

Reverse osmosis (RO) and distillation filters remove needed minerals and should not be considered. Most gravity purifiers do not remove valuable minerals and help to maintain an alkaline balance in the body.

The best water purifier has a purifying system that relies on gravity to produce pure water from most water sources such as city potable systems, lakes and rivers.Pond and lake water can be filtered by the Berkey to be water that is ready to drink.

The top 10 questions you need to ask before you buy a water filter:

  1. Does the filter remove viruses and qualify as a water purifier?
  2. Is it simple to use?  Is it gravity fed so that it does not need a water pressure connection or other power sources to function?
  3. Can it be used to purify water from lakes and rivers in an emergency?
  4. Does the filtering system remove beneficial minerals?
  5. Does the system extract harmful heavy metals such as lead and mercury as well as sedimentary minerals such as iron oxide?
  6. Is the cost of a gallon of purified water more than 2 cents?
  7. Is it a fluoride water filter?
  8. Is it a portable water purifier and does it quickly produce sufficient water volumes?
  9. Is it easy to clean and maintain?
  10. Can the system provide 6000 gallons of water without changing filters?

Our Search for the Best Water Purifier

One of the major search criteria was a filter that would take out fluoride. This search led us directly to the Berkey water filter in which the choice seemed to be a "no brainer".

I could not find another gravity filter that could eliminate fluoride and viruses. Fluoride addition to city water supplies is one of the worst contaminants ever. You will not believe the dangers inherent in this substance. 

After finding the Berkey, it was obvious which filter did the best job and was economical to use. Not only was it a filter but also the best water purifier that separated it from the competition.

The Berkey qualifies for military use and is a standard for missionaries in underdeveloped foreign lands.

Emergency Water Treatment

The usability for emergency use with water from lakes and rivers was another requirement that was satisfied by the Berkey.  And to top if off, the cost per gallon is less than 2 cents.  Wow!

The Big Berkey model that we have sits on our kitchen counter close to the sink. I can fill it easily with the spray attachment on the faucet.  I can tell you this...the peace of mind that comes with using this amazing Berkey filter/purifier is well worth the investment for good health!

We hope that you will be able to enjoy this fine piece of equipment allowing you to know that your drinking water is safe. Berkey Water Purifiers, we think, are the best deal...

With a Berkey your drinking water is safe.

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