Healthy Living Tips

Healthy living tips is a list of ideas and things that will help you in your quest for excellent health.

Most people just think about which food to eat and not to eat when they are trying to improve their health, but we go beyond food to include other things we use and do everyday. From personal experience and our research since 1999, we have a few ideas to pass on to you. 

The pattern of high resistance and freedom from degenerative disease is seen wherever people live beyond the reach of modern civilization and are not suffering from famine.

Charles McGee, MD

Choose a toothpaste that is free of toxins.Perio Brite is a natural toothpaste.

We have also been given great healthy living tips by our friends, neighbors and business associates who have participated and contributed good information in our health classes.

The state of good health for the average individual is directly proportionate to the amount of plants we consume, the amount of toxins and chemicals we ingest, and what our bodies absorb.

Eliminating Toxins and Chemicals

Have you ever thought about the toxins and chemicals your body absorbs everyday through products used in your daily routine? You may be surprised what these products contain.

We review the following products: shower head water filter and natural toothpaste. These products are healthy alternatives to the products typically found in your supermarket or local drugstore.

The biggest objection people give me is they don't have the time, but you either spend the time to engage in activities that prevent illness, or you spend the time engaging in activities that treat illness resulting from not spending time to stay healthy.

Pam Popper, PhD, ND

Tips That Promote Good Health

Know the quality of your water with a Berkey Water Purifier.Everyone should have a Berkey. We drink the best water for less than 2 cents a gallon.

Additional tips we cover include the benefits of water, walking for health, sleeping habits, controlling stress and getting enough sunlight. These tips should come as no surprise...we hear people preaching about these things all the time.

Just how important are tips that promote good health... that you will make a commitment to incorporate them in your daily life?

For those of you who intend to pursue a "knowledge based diet and lifestyle" can ease the learning curve for the practical application to many of life's simple tips that will keep you on the road to good health.

More about healthy living tips...

  • Sunshine Vitamin - Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin and is essential for good health.
  • Natural Toothpaste - Use a natural toothpaste to avoid chemicals that can pass directly into the blood stream where they can accumulate into toxic levels.
  • Shower Head Water Filter - can help you to avoid exposure to chlorine and other toxins.
  • Relieve Stress - Learn the natural remedies on how to relieve stress.
  • Protocel - is a unique product that does not rely on vitamins, herbs, minerals, or pharmaceuticals to destroy cancer.
  • Placebo Effect - It is an effect defined as positive after receiving medical interaction even when the treatment is inactive or fake.
  • How To Live Longer - Hallmarks of the Blue Zones.
  • RIGVIR - is a live "good" human virus that destroys the cancer cells after selectively infecting the tumor.