Stuart Myers' Testimony

Good Morning Hal,

You may not realize it, but I consider myself one of YOUR success stories.  Meeting you turned out to be a very good thing for me regarding my health.

As an update, since we first met, I have lost 50 pounds and kept it off.  My diet (self-regulated, not prescribed by my physician) is not quite vegetarian, but getting close.

My annual physical was last week.  Blood sugar in the 80s, cholesterol best ever (highest "good" and lowest "bad" ever), blood pressure 116/72 along with NO other issues. 

I had one of those scans done where they identify plaque built-up in your arteries...a score of 400 or less is good for a guy my age (62) and a score under 100 is considered excellent by this particular cardiologist (have no idea what the "units" of measurement are).  My score: 1. Yes ONE.  The  cardiologist was stunned.  My physician ordered the test since I had never had one. 

A friend who had recommended the cardiologist (a tall thin tennis player with no apparent health issues) had a score or 1250 and went straight from there to a quadruple bypass operation the next day. 

My doctor asked me how I did it.  He is a real "numbers" guy and says I am his most compliant patient.  I told him how you and I met and that I have attempted to follow what you have taught me along with the references you frequently send.  So, professor, you may not know it, but you DO make a difference.  Thought you should know that.  My tennis player buddy said he was delighted to beat me by 1249 points, but was sorry it was a bad thing, not a good win!