The Placebo Effect

The placebo effect, as well as the nocebo effect, occurs daily in our lives on the human system. Which placebo definition has the most effect on your life?

What is a placebo?

A placebo is an inactive, fake, sham, non-therapeutic substance or procedure that is presented as treatment for any number of conditions. It is an effect defined as positive after receiving medical interaction even when the treatment is inactive or fake.

A nocebo effect produces negative symbols that induce expectations of clinical worsening and can lead to death. Examples: bad test results, diagnosis of treatment without cure, nurses and doctors that depend on machines and tests and offer no healing encouragement or positive psychological support.

Most of us have come to think of these effects as relating to medicine. We have all heard of placebo pills or injections used in clinical trials, or prescription drugs to keep the trial objective and scientific.

The researchers know that the power of the brain/mind can tilt the results. Sometimes the placebo effect is equal to the drug being tested. Modern medicine considers only the objective results of the test trials. The whole idea is to prove that only pills and procedures can heal.

The Placebo Effect

From what I have observed and studied over the years, when we seek medical solutions to our ailments, our mind/brain has made positive expectations before we leave for the doctor's appointment.

The psychological/spiritual has already asserted itself and has started the healing process in spite of the medical prescription. Sickness comes when the spiritual part of us gets out of whack. God's miraculous design of our self healing body can be seen in the placebo effect that helps to maintain optimum health.

On the other hand, the nocebo effect leads us to sickness and disease. This effect is seen today in America where over 50% of the drugs sold are for mental illnesses  So what are the characteristics of the placebos that would be beneficial for us to understand?

The placebo effect occurs daily in our lives on the human system.Sometimes the placebo effect is equal to the drug being tested.

Lissa Rankin, MD, author of "Mind Over Medicine", has made her career the study of the mind/spirit connection as it relates to being healthy or sick. She has this to say: "When we lose touch with the spiritual part of ourselves, we wind up out of alignment, and as an extension of that core imbalance, we might find ourselves in jobs we hate, relationships that poison us, with spiritual lives that fail to feed us, or sex lives that leave us feeling drained rather than fulfilled, or living in environments that deplete us. It's no wonder our bodies respond with illness.

A healthy romance can cure you, whereas a toxic one can poison you. Making your art, or writing your novel, or singing your song, or creating your dream business can be medicine, but if you know what you long to do and aren't doing it, it can toxify you. Living in nature and surrounding yourself with what you love can be your body's medicine, while living where your Inner Pilot Light feels squashed can make you sick.

Preventing disease, or curing it if you're sick, is determining what is out of alignment with your Inner Pilot Light, then being brave enough to take actions meant to bring your life back into alignment with your truth.  When you do this, you make the body ripe for miracles.

I now believe, and the scientific data supports this, that caring for your mind is the single most important preventative health measure you can take - even more so than quitting smoking, daily exercise, eating your veggies, or getting enough sleep."

Negative Environment is Toxic

If we hang around with individuals that are negative, always complaining and have an awful view of life, this condition becomes contagious. Our mind/spirit will be conditioned to think and act the same way and we will suffer from the nocebo effect. 

Make an assessment of your spirit and Pilot Light and make serious adjustments as needed. It may not be easy, but it will get you back on the right track to a healthy life with the help of the placebo effect. Dr. Rankin's book will inspire you withrecommendations to start the process.

Here's a link to a video of Dr. Rankin reviewing her research.  Check out the video.

And, here is to your good health!

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