The Hallelujah Diet - It Works!

The Hallelujah Diet has worked for thousands of individuals seeking nutritional guidance and healthy eating habits. In 1999 after much study and prayer, I decided to follow this diet to cure my cancer.

Barbara and I studied with Dr. Malkmus and became Health Ministers. We now more fully understand the implications of the Standard American Diet (SAD) and the power of healthy eating through a plant based diet.

Healing with the Hallelujah Diet

Founder's History

In 1976 a Baptist minister, in Glenn Falls, N.Y., by the name of Rev. George H. Malkmus was diagnosed with colon cancer. Prior to his diagnosis, his mother died of colon cancer. Rev. Malkmus observed his mother's rapidly declining health after she received surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. She was a nurse and accepted the treatments that hastened her death.

Rev. Malkmus decided that he would not submit himself to the treatments that his mother agreed to and searched for other means to rid himself of a baseball sized tumor in the colon.

Enter "Carrot Juice Roloff"

An evangelist friend, Lester Roloff, offered a different solution for Rev. Malkmus. In the preaching circuit Lester Roloff was known as "Carrot Juice Roloff". Lester convinced George to eat raw vegetables and fruits and drink lots of freshly made carrot juice. In less than a year the cancer was gone as well as a multiple of other physical problems.

The Miraculous Healing Body

Rev. Malkmus did not use any medical intervention to cure his cancer. When he adopted God's diet plan from Genesis 1:29, which is a plant based diet, all his physical problems vanished. I think this was surely George's "Hallelujah" moment. He forged ahead to eventually produce The Hallelujah Diet and lifestyle and started Hallelujah Acres that is now located in Shelby, North Carolina.

Thousands of people around the world have recovered their health with this diet. It is not for the uncommitted. It is difficult at first - but it works! I can testify to that. Dr. Malkmus is still very active in Hallelujah Acres.

Basically, The Hallelujah diet consists of:

  •  85% raw plant foods 
  • 15% cooked plant foods 
  • freshly made carrot juice and other fruit and vegetable juices per day 
  • barley grass powder
  • an herbal colon cleanser 
  • various vitamin and herbal supplements

Recovery Diet

The Hallelujah Diet has a recovery diet. If you have a life threatening disease and a compromised immune system you would want to follow the recovery diet which is more aggressive than the standard diet.

With the recovery diet you will consume two quarts of carrot juice per day with barley powder and added vitamins and supplements. You will probably turn orange as I did with this much beta carotene in your body. Not to worry - because you will soon realize the great benefit of carrot juice, and eventually the orange will fade away when you return to the standard diet after resolving your illness.

The length of the recovery diet is determined by how long you have had the illness. It could be twelve to eighteen months. The recovery diet will flood the body with all the power of live foods to hasten the rebuilding of the immune system. It's good to be orange!

Elimination of All Animal Products

Juicing is a big part of the Hallelujah Diet.We still juice 5 times a week.

Healthy eating does not include the consumption of animal products. I believe that the most important aspect of The Hallelujah Diet and many other plant based diets, is the elimination of all animal products, most processed foods, dairy products, refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. These are the foods that are the main culprits of sickness in America.

One of the unique characteristics of The Hallelujah Diet is the juicing of fresh vegetables. Other diets that we discuss here do not require juicing.

The Hallelujah Diet is not for the timid! It takes determination to maintain the 85% raw foods. When facing a life threatening illness, a healthy eating lifestyle with The Hallelujah Diet becomes an easy choice.

After recovering from cancer, I found the recovery diet unrealistic to maintain for long term. I now eat a small piece of fish every now and then, and continue to stay on a diet of only plant based food. I still consume organic carrot juice at least 5 times a week, eat lots of raw and cooked vegetables...just not in the proportions of the 85% raw and 15% cooked diet.

This diet saved my life and I do not hesitate to recommend it to you if you are seeking recovery from most any illness. Below is a basic guideline of foods eaten on The Hallelujah Diet.

The Hallelujah Diet includes lots of fresh veggies.Garden foods that God instructs man to eat (Genesis 1:29).

The 85% Raw Portion

This portion of the Hallelujah Diet is composed exclusively of the garden foods God instructs man to eat (Genesis 1:29). The dense living nutrients found in raw foods and their juices produce abundant energy and vibrant health while satisfying our cells' nutritional needs, controlling hunger efficiently.

  • BEVERAGES: Freshly extracted vegetable juices, green barley juice powder and distilled water with minerals added. If you are unable to make fresh juice you may use carrot juice powder and beet juice powder
  • DAIRY ALTERNATIVES: Fresh almond milk, creamy banana milk, as well as frozen bananas, strawberry or blueberry "fruit creams"
  • FRUIT: All fresh, as well as unsulphured organic dried fruit (limit fruit to no more that 15% of daily food intake)
  • GRAINS: Soaked oats, raw muesli, dehydrated granola, dehydrated crackers
  • BEANS: Green beans, peas, sprouted garbanzos, sprouted lentils, and sprouted mung beans
  • NUTS & SEEDS: Raw almonds, sunflower seeds, macadamia nuts, walnuts, raw almond butter or tahini (consume sparingly)
  • OILS AND FATS: Extra virgin olive oil, Udo's Oil, flaxseed oil (the oil of choice for people with cancer, except men with prostate cancer, who may be better served meeting the essential fat needs through freshly ground flaxseed), and avocados
  • SEASONINGS: Fresh or dehydrated herbs, garlic, sweet onions, parsley, and salt-free seasonings
  • SWEETS: Fruit smoothies, raw fruit pies with nut/date crusts, date-nut squares, etc.
  • VEGETABLES: All raw vegetables
  • SOUPS: Raw soups

The 15% Cooked Portion

Cooked foods follow the raw salad at lunch or evening meals and can prove beneficial for those trying to maintain body weight.

  • BEVERAGES: Caffeine-free herb teas and cereal-based coffee alternative, along with bottled organic juices
  • BEANS: Lima, adzuki, black, kidney, navy, pinto, red, and white
  • DAIRY: Non-dairy cheese, almond milk and rice milk (use sparingly)
  • FRUIT: Cooked and unsweetened frozen fruits
  • GRAINS: Whole-grain cereals, breads, muffins, pasta, brown rice, millet, etc.
  • OILS: Vegan mayonnaise made from cold pressed oils
  • SEASONINGS: Same as the 85% portion, plus unrefined sea salt (use sparingly)
  • SOUPS: Soups made from scratch without fat, dairy, or refined table salt
  • SWEETENERS: Raw, unfiltered honey, rice syrup, unsulphured molasses, stevia, carob, pure maple syrup, date sugar, agave nectar (use very sparingly)
  • VEGETABLES: Steamed or wok-cooked fresh or frozen vegetables, baked white, yellow or sweet potatoes, squash, etc.

Foods To Avoid in The Hallelujah Diet


  • Alcohol
  • Coffee (grain coffees like Pero and Roma are fine)
  • Teas containing caffeine (caffeine-free herb teas are fine)
  • Carbonated beverages and soft drinks
  • All artificial and sugar containing drinks, sports drinks, and all juices containing preservatives, refined salt, sugar, and artificial sweeteners


  • All milk, cheese, ice cream, whipped toppings, and non-dairy creamers

Soy Milk and other Soy Products

  • Most soy products should be avoided

Processed Fruits

  • Canned and sweetened fruits
  • Non-organic and sulfured dried fruits

Refined Grains

  • Refined, bleached flour products, most cold breakfast cereals, and white rice

All Meats and Eggs

  • Beef, pork, fish, chicken, eggs, turkey, hamburgers, hot dogs, bacon, sausage, bologna, etc.

Certain Nuts and Seeds

  • All roasted and/or salted seeds and nuts

Certain Oils

  • All lard, margarine, shortenings, and anything containing hydrogenated oils or trans fats

Certain Seasonings

  • Refined table salt and any seasoning containing it

Certain Soups

  • Any canned, packaged, or creamed soups containing salt or dairy products

Certain Sweets

  • All refined white or brown sugar (brown sugar is simply refined white sugar)
  • Sugar syrups
  • Chocolate (carob is a wonderful chocolate substitute)
  • Candy, gum, cookies, donuts, cakes, pies, or other products containing refined sugars or artificial sweeteners

Processed Vegetables

  • All canned vegetables with added salt or preservatives
  • Vegetables fried in oil

All Drugs

  • Alcohol
  • Nicotine
  • Caffeine
  • Marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc.
  • Many over the counter and doctor prescribed drugs

NOTE: Do not discontinue doctor prescribed drugs without doctor's permission.

Legal Disclaimer: The health and nutritional information in this website is for educational purposes only. You should contact a healthcare professional before starting any changes of diet or eliminating any medication.                                                                    

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