pH Balance in the Body

One of the most important medical tests that many times is overlooked is the pH balance in the body. What is pH?   It stands for potential hydrogen.

Our doctors usually want at least an annual checkup to measure our state of health. The checkup may included x-rays, blood pressure, cholesterol, temperature, HDL, LDL, and on and on.  pH testing is not part of a typical physical.  It is used in hospitals routinely since you can die if your pH is in an extreme high or low range.

Some microbiologists insist that the only test needed is the pH balance in the body.  Any negative test result that would appear on your annual physical would be there only if your blood pH had a value that expressed an abnormal condition.

Measuring the pH

The simple pH test kit, that you can use at home whenever you want, will include a pH chart indicating how acid or alkaline your body is. This is an easy and practical way to test yourself.

Measuring the urine is a better indicator of pH than checking the saliva.

The urine pH should be slightly acid at 6.8 to 7.0. The best time to test the urine with the pH paper is first thing when you rise in the morning. This gives you a good indication of your body pH after you have slept the night without consuming food, and it is the best method to measure without blood testing.

You may want to test the saliva after meals just to see any trend. This will give you an idea of what effect the meal has made on your body pH...but remember that the urine testing is the best overall.

The Ideal pH Scale for Blood

The pH balance in the body, like our temperature, stays in a narrow range when we are healthy. The body will do whatever it needs to keep the temperature at 98.6 degrees.

The ideal pH scale for blood is 7.365 or slightly alkaline.

The body will also do whatever is necessary to keep this constant even when the system has been overloaded with acid forming foods. It will pull minerals out of the cells to neutralize the excess acid condition. When the alkaline reserve is depleted then illness moves in.

An easy way to routinely check your alkaline reserve is to use pH paper. Click here to check out this wonderful product.

Build up your body's alkaline reserve with vegetables.These tomatoes are alkaline and will work to build the immune system.

Normally the body would replenish the reserves with incoming alkalizing nutrients when a proper alkaline food ratio is maintained. But, when the incoming alkalizing nutrients are almost non existent, the body becomes acid.

When the pH balance in the body becomes too acid from all of the excessive acid foods and other factors, various symptoms start to occur.  Symptoms can include fatigue, colds, flu, headaches, aches and pains, allergies and other annoying conditions. These early minor symptoms are signals of more serious problems that are to come if the pH balance is not restored.

Major System Malfunctions

The more serious effects of an acid imbalance will lead to a compromised immune system, organs and glands in the long run.
In recent history, major system malfunctions occurred in mid life and beyond...after a long life of incorrect fueling of the body.

Today, in America, we see the effects of an acid body in children and adults of all ages. As we consume more and more processed foods and other acid forming foods such as animal and dairy products, the illnesses that Americans face will continue to accelerate at an alarming rate.

Diseases Flourish in An Acid Body

Bacteria, yeast, mold, fungus and viruses get out of hand and cause an environment that is over run with their toxic waste. Excessive growth of these forms cause symptoms of just about every malady known to man.

I use to think that good health was something that I had no control over...that it was the luck of the draw and/or genes that had been passed down to me over the thousands of years of my ancestral history. The environment of the digestive system, I have learned, can be controlled by the food that we eat, the water that we drink and a positive state of mind.

You can eliminate the acid body pH if you choose. Your health is determined by lifestyle, not by chance. Bad genes are 2 - 3% of the health issues that may affect your well being. These bad genes are usually only activated when you have a compromised immune system. 

Get Control of the pH Balance in the Body

Healthy eating comprised of mostly plant foods will put YOU in control of your body pH and the health of your digestive system.  Ultimately your quest for excellent health will be realized.                                                                              

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