A Simple Test with pH Paper

The pH paper is the simplest and most inexpensive way to see if you are on the right track to excellent health now that you know the importance of consuming the right balance of alkaline foods to keep you healthy.

The most accurate way to find out your body pH is with a blood test, however this takes time and money. If you decide to do this, you will need your doctor's request to go to a nearby lab. Remember that the blood pH should be at 7.365 or slightly alkaline if you do have the lab test done.

The medical profession claims that you can have a reading up to 7.4. Many microbiologists that I have read on this subject say that this is too high and may indicate problems.

The simple pH test kit, that you can use at home whenever you want, will include a pH chart indicating how acid or alkaline your body is.  This is an easy and practical way to test yourself.

Measuring the pH

Measuring the urine is a better indicator of pH than checking the saliva.

The urine pH should be slightly acid at 6.8 to 7.0. The best time to test the urine with the pH paper is first thing when you rise in the morning. This gives you a good indication of your body pH after you have slept the night without consuming food, and it is the best method to measure without blood testing.

You may want to test the saliva after meals just to see any trend. This will give you an idea of what effect the meal has made on your body pH...but remember that the urine testing is the best overall.

There are digital pH meters that measure more accurately, but they are very expensive and most of them that I have looked at are not made for measuring the body pH. You will have to follow special procedures to make them work for the body.

Raising Your pH

If you need to raise your pH quite a bit, don't expect this to happen overnight. Raising the pH will depend on how far down the acid scale you are and what measures you have taken to get back to alkaline territory.

The body can store some alkalizing minerals. Some blood specialists claim it takes 20 alkaline units to neutralize 1 acid unit... so you will need to be patient.

Where Do I Find pH Paper?

Micro Essential Laboratory makes the pHydrion paper that we use in our classes and for our personal use. The photo shows the actual tape dispenser with the color pH chart that you use to measure. They are available in single or double 15 ft. roll dispensers.

You should get the tapes that have a range of 5.5 to 8.0 on the pH scale. They also make individual pH test strips that are a bit more expensive.

I have found it difficult to find pH paper in our local drug stores in the correct range. For this reason I usually purchase online at Amazon for single units, or order directly from Micro Essential Laboratory for bulk orders.                                                                                

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