RIGVIR: An Alternative Cancer Treatment!

You probably haven't heard the term "RIGVIR" - a cancer killing human virus that was isolated and developed in Riga, Latvia after 50 years of research. It is a live "good" human virus that is injected into the body and destroys the cancer cells after selectively infecting the tumor.

This virus also makes it possible for the immune system to see the cancer and start an attack of its own. It is safe and effective and does not cause horrible side effects like most of the current cancer medical treatments. One may have a slight fever for up to 3 days, but that's it!

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What a difference from chemo and radiation that temporarily destroys the cancer along with the healthy cells. The pathway that the scientists have taken in Latvia may one day end the barbaric cancer treatment found in the USA and other countries. 

RIGVIR is a cancer killing human virus.RIGVIR is a live "good" human virus that kills cancer.

No antibiotics, stimulants or toxic substances in RIGVIR!

It works on a variety of cancer types such as:

  • melanoma 
  • stomach cancer 
  • pancreatic cancer 
  • kidney cancer 
  • uterine cancer 
  • bladder cancer 
  • lung cancer 
  • prostate cancer 
  • types of sarcoma.

Current world research is also trying to develop a virus treatment for cancer. The approach so far is by using viruses that cause diseases such as polio, measles, herpes and influenza and then genetically altering the bad aspects of that disease. 

Like GMO foods, no one knows the long term consequences of this approach. RIGVIR, however, does not alter any gene in the "good" virus, making it free from future problems.

The interesting thing about this virus is that it is present in the intestines of young people. It also seems to strengthen the immune system that helps the body naturally combat cancerous cells, and there seems to be no limit in the length of time one can use it. 

RIGVIR is an alternative cancer treatment.An alternative non-toxic cancer treatment.

If you have need of an alternative cancer treatment, I urge you to study this remarkable product.

The treatment protocol, most of the time, takes about 3 years and is usually given on a monthly basis. It is important to consult with an approved specialist to obtain the best possible results. It is administered on an outpatient basis. Unfortunately, it is not permitted in the USA. The closest clinic approved at this time to provide RIGVIR is:

Hope 4 Cancer, Baja, Mexico,  USA phone - 1-888-544-5993,  International - 1-619-669-6511,  Website - www.hope4cancer.com.

To watch a short video showing the progress of RIGVIR in the body...click here.

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