What Is The Sunshine Vitamin?

Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin and is essential for good health. The best source is natural sunlight. The body makes and stores this vitamin in the presence of the UVB (Ultra Violet B) rays, not the UVA (Ultra Violet A) rays. People living in temperate zones can store vitamin D during the summer months for the winters that have limited sunlight.

Fifteen minutes a day of exposure, a few days a week, between 11AM and 2PM is adequate for most. This is the time period when the sun is the most intense. For some it is better to get your sun exposure in the morning or after 2PM to avoid burning. Don't stay in the sun long enough to redden your skin. Take your time, soak up the sunshine vitamin gradually and do it right. The closer you are to the equator, solar radiation is more intense.

If you have dark skin you should increase the exposure since the heavier pigmented skin makes it more difficult to absorb the UVB rays.

The best source of Vitamin D is natural sunlight.Fifteen minutes a day of exposure, a few days a week, is adequate for most.

Skin Cancer and the Sun

Today, office workers have a higher incident of skin cancers than individuals exposed to the sun.  Go figure!  Do you think an improperly functioning immune system might be the cause? If skin cancers were caused by over exposure to the sun, you would surmise that office workers would have less skin cancer, which is not the case. A compromised immune system leads to all sorts of health concerns including skin problems.

Linda Kordich, the wife of Jay Kordich who is better known as "The Juiceman" suggests that freshly made carrot juice consumed daily or every other day in the sun filled days of summer will give you adequate skin cancer protection.  No need to lather up with chemical laden sunscreen.

Melanin found in carrots is the natural ingredient that does the job.  It may turn your skin orange, but not to worry - this is nature's remedy to protect your skin. Of course, be sensible in your sun exposure time as mentioned previously.

Linda recommends a liter a day of carrot juice which may make you change your mind and find a healthy chemical free sunblock.  The bottom line will always be to have as the first line of defense an immune system healthy enough to keep you disease free.

Just use common sense about covering up if you are going to be in the intense sun for a long time. You may need sun block if you are not adequately covered up.

If you have to use a sun block try Aubrey Organics, or other organic brands. They do not have all the toxic chemicals that most products have.

Hal and Phil just having fun in the sun!Just having fun in the sun!

I do love to fish in the Gulf of Mexico and I wear long pants, a long sleeve shirt and a hat...since my time in the sun far exceeds fifteen minutes. Other than that, I don't use any sun block and have never had a skin problem. 

Vitamin D for Immune System

 There are other forms of the sunshine vitamin (vitamin D). Some of these are:

  • Oily fish such as salmon, trout and sardines
  • Tuna, mackerel and swordfish are also good sources but usually have excess amount of mercury

Vitamin D from fish is, in my opinion, the second best choice if you have to use this method.

Something to remember...when you are trying to get your vitamin D this way, if you are healthy and choose to eat some animal products, limit this animal protein to less than 10% of your daily calorie intake a day.

If you are trying to reverse a serious illness, I would stay with the sunlight or Vitamin D supplements (if you cannot get adequate sunshine).

Lack of the Sunshine Vitamin

Researchers find that low levels of vitamin D can lead to a higher incidence of:

  • Depression, suicide
  • Some cancers
  • Heart disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Multiple sclerosis

Indoor Tanning and Skin Cancer

Some commercial tanning beds claim vitamin D is obtainable from their florescent full spectrum lights. Most of the radiation is the UVA which makes tanning possible. The available UVB rays produced (which are the ones the body stores) are not worth counting.

Tanning beds should be avoided. Get the real sunshine vitamin from natural vitamin D sunlight and avoid man made solutions wherever possible.

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