Green Tea Nutrition: A Major Health Trend!

What is all this excitement about green tea nutrition?

When you look at the tea's history and its many benefits, you will find that it has been used medicinally for its antioxidant qualities and blood pressure control for hundreds of years. 

Green tea has been used medicinally for its antioxidant qualities and blood pressure control for hundreds of years.The antioxidants in green tea gives the body the necessary nutrients to help combat cancer.

Science seems to back up all of the great qualities of green tea. It's a wonderful substitute for coffee. Let's look at a few of the healthy facts of drinking this natural vegetable substance.

  • Inflammation - One of the major causes of arthritis is inflammation of the joints caused mainly from too many animal products in the diet. Green tea will help to reduce the breakdown of the cartilage in the joints.
  • Weight Loss - The ingredients in this tea seem to stimulate the metabolism which increases the rate of fat and sugar burning. You may want to include green tea in your daily routine to avoid diet pills and other fad diets. 
  • Digestion - If you suffer from periodic bouts with stomach issues such as GERD, IBS, diarrhea or Crohn's disease, try a couple of cups of tea per day. This will provide vitamins, minerals and nutrients that the body needs. Green tea is also known to alleviate constipation. 
  • Fights Cancer - Green tea is known as a cancer preventative and it can also aid in controlling the growth of cancers. The antioxidants in the tea gives the body the necessary nutrients to combat the cancer.
Fight cancer by drinking green tea.A few cups of green tea will do wonders for your health.
  • Sugar Regulation - If you are diabetic or prediabetic, green tea can help to regulate glucose in the body. 
  • The Immune System - All of the green tea nutrition benefits will also give your body the resources it needs to strengthen the immune system. The Asian cultures understand that this tea is essential for health and longevity. 
  • Antioxidants - Polyphenols and catechins are the main antioxidants found in green tea. These compounds have been proven to fight diseases, strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation, and reduce free radical damage. 
  • Liver Health - Green tea assists the liver to get rid of waste and toxins. The side effects of medications and alcohol can be reduced. 
  • Boost Heart Health - Tea helps relax your blood vessels. This means a reduction in blood pressure on both the systolic and diastolic readings. A few cups of green tea will do wonders. 

More on the Benefits of Green Tea Nutrition

You may now be convinced about the benefits green tea nutrition. There are many varieties and price levels. You can purchase most teas either in tea bag form or in bulk. Here are a few of our favorites:

Japanese ceremonial tea.

Matcha - This is the classic Japanese ceremonial tea made by grinding tender new leaves into a powder. It has 10 times the nutrients of regular green tea. The fine powder is also used in ice cream, smoothies, shakes, and cocktails. 

A blend of fine Japanese tea.

Genmaicha - A blend of fine Japanese tea mixed with toasted and popped rice. The rice adds a nice robust flavor. 

Kukicha tea has 1/10th of the caffeine of regular tea.

Kukicha - This tea contains dried twigs and stems that are extracted from a variety of green tea leaves. The stems are roasted for a rich, earthy and woodsy flavor. It has 1/10th of the caffeine of regular tea. This is the variety that Barbara and I enjoy most of the time. We learned of this tea when we were at the Kushi Institute. 

Sencha tea is the freshest and greenest green tea that has a light but full flavor.

Sencha - This is probably the freshest and greenest green tea that has a light but full flavor. This is the one most common and reasonably priced varieties. The older green leaves are taken from the middle of the plant.  


  • If you have trouble sleeping it may be best to avoid green tea because of the caffeine.
  • Too much tea may be dangerous to your health.
  • Excess caffeine may cause dizziness, irregular heartbeat, convulsions, headaches, diarrhea, and other symptoms.
  • If you suffer from IBS, avoid green tea.
  • Green tea can cause an increased risk of bleeding.
  • More than two cups a day can be dangerous during pregnancy. 
  • If you have any concerns, check with your health care professional.


Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. Green tea nutrition benefits have created a major health trend. 

The best time to gain the most nutrient absorption is to drink your tea between meals. It can be served hot or cold, used in smoothies, sauces or whatever your imagination can come up with.

It is best to drink your tea between meals.A cup or two a day may keep the doctor away!

Remember, there are no magic bullets to alone solve all your health issues. Keep the big picture of a healthy lifestyle in mind. Green tea is an essential part of the ammunition in the healthy food arsenal. Find the green tea that satisfies your taste and you will be surprised at the many health benefits from green tea nutrition.

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